Where have we been?

There is no one line answer to that question. Physically we have been lots of places. Our message has traveled to many states and a few countries via our love ambassador’s and their friends. Our flags, signs and other merchandise have been in full view to help put a smile on peoples faces, give them a feeling of comfort in moment of uncertainty or start a conversation that gives hope. There have been a Lot of hugs shared between total strangers. The ripple effect of this continues to grow in ways we can’t even see. The message “Love One Another” is so simple yet so profound. Our work is bringing it to the forefront so we can continue to spread Love to all. As we know Love can heal.

How do we change the world with Love??

There are certainly many places and ways this movement could go forward. We have been blessed to meet with and listed to many people who are, in their own special way, finding ways to be inspired and put Love in Action. The ways to Spread Love in the world are endless and we are so excited to see it happening in real time.

Love Will Heal has taken a step in the community of Cardington, Ohio to put the focus on our youth. There are so many children in the world who could use a boost and feel some kindness, love and support. Currently we are looking at ways we can work together with the school and their afterschool program to help fill this void. One way is to help find folks who can volunteer their time and show some Love by reading with students, helping with their homework or by sharing their own passions or gifts with the children. This will not only help the children but will also help the folks who are volunteering so they too can experience the feeling of Joy you get by giving of yourself. We are working on finding a way to help with this effort and also finding a way to help others to duplicate this and spread to other communities. Please reach out if you would like to join our movement or if you have ideas for us to continue forward. Stay tuned as we move forward to help heal the world with Love!!

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